Sunday, March 1, 2009

T-minus one month to opening!

SO! I figured I'd fill you in on my slowly-getting-more-awesome-never-ending-project- store!! Whooo! It used to be a men's clothing store, titled 'Nagles' for all you SJ'ers. It's on the second level of Brunswick Square, a shopping center in the heart of uptown. It's a pretty awesome location considering that the majority of the stores in the mall are individually owned and operated. So I fit right in!

Previously it was covered in hunter green, sail boats, and more green. yuuuuck! Would defiantly not work for a fashionable woman's clothing store. Here's a picture of the before shot:

Now, we're going through a ton of rennovations. I already have the space painted (not by me of course... ugh that would've been a disaster area!) and it turned out completely different than I imagined, BUT it's so growing on me and coming together. Today I (yes me, the first handy work I've done in ages...) painted the stockroom, it turned out cool, I'm very proud, but it's not well done, so not that proud. Mom doesn't trust me to hang up my fun wallpaper on the backwall, so we're going to get that accomplished this week as well. Now the space is getting its floors redone to a really cool hardwood, tres rustic look to it. And the contracter, after patiently waiting, should be done in 2 weeks! Then it's madness until opening on April 1st! Here's a picture mid-way through the fun! Oh and that's me :)

I'm getting so excited about decorating the store, but man, it's a lot of work! The walls (you can't really tell in the picture above) but are a mauve-ish, taupe-ish, grey-ish color. And the wallpaper is SO cool! It's just against the backwall, just to make a little statement. It's a WEIRD color, sometimes its taupe, then its silver, but it all blends really well! Here's a little swatch of the wallpaper:
Now it's all about finding fun stuff to put in the store. I have some here and there, and my poor car's trunk is almost full! Oh man! I have so much more to do!

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