Wednesday, April 21, 2010

socks and sandals... no really, its cool.

So I've been perusing fashion blogs, magazines and runway collections and noticed another common theme that i just can't wrap my head around.. socks and sandals?

i feel like this is some spin off of the birkenstocks with those warm wooly red/grey/white sock combination thats plaguing the youth of saint john right now. don't get that fad, but leave it to rebellious teenagers to find ways to wear our sandals thru the winter ;) 'Whad ya motha tell ya?!'

i did a little investigation into the sock/sandal phenomena and here's what trusty urban dictionary has to say about this subject:

Socks and Sandals:

A footwear combination worn only by the fashion-challenged.
If it's hot enough for sandals, it's too hot to wear socks.

If it's cold enough to wear socks, it's too cold for sandals.
well put, urban dictionary.

here's the first thing that comes to mind when i think of socks and sandals:

yuck. gives me the willies just lookin at them!

right- so anyways, leave it to the evolving fashion industry to turn 'fashionably challenged' as seen above, into 'fashionably awesome'. some bloggers are looking stylishly cute in their socks and summery wedgy/chunky heels. I like the look, don't get me wrong. It's cool, and casual. And another way to break out those summer sandals well before you should.

Burberrys version in their Spring 2010 show:

Lou Lou's version in their March 2010 issue:

So orginally- before doing my research- this is what i had written about the trend hitting my personal wardrobe:

"I feel like this is one fad that i would certainly be stared down by in saint john by even the chic-est of chic."

However... after much research, i'm tempted to try this.
If you plan on it, here's a few details i've found that help pull the outfit together:
  • wear a neutral colour, blending is the key here ladies...
  • make sure your shoes aren't too fancy, or too detailed
  • grab some thinner socks, not too bulky- no sweat socks.
  • keep it casual, *not* cool for an cocktail party. more of a day look!
You should avoid looking like this-

Holly Madison at some awards show. gag me.

and more like this-

Rhianna and Leighton Meester. Tres Chic.

Will YOU be wearing socks and heels this spring?

!iT's finally here!

Our new line of AMAZING jeans have finally arrived!
They're !iT jeans- based out of L.A., they have an amazing fit for REAL girls, with real dimensions! They're unlike anything I've seen.... and i'll admit, i've fallen hard for them! They don't compare to anything i've tried before- they are DEFIANTLY worth a try.

Ranging from $95-$130, you've gotta get your hands on a pair!

Over the next few weeks, i'll update you with the amazing styles we have in store!

First and foremost are my fave jeans of the moment, and will be close to me all summer- are the ELLIES!

They're a boyfriend jean, but a crop, and a comfortable option to capris... I love them. With heels, flats, for comfort and style. (for more info on how to style the Ellie, check my earlier blog on boyfriend jeans!)

check out the whole line here!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

spotted: our picks in the magazines!

Here's a recent update of items that were spotted in the magazines, and conveniently located at your uptown boutique!

Three of our most popular dresses!

And our silky, sexy shift dress!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So you may think i'm a little off my rocker with this one... but i've always been a true believer in pulling every buck outta your clothes! No sense in buying something you can only wear for one short weekend of the year. Us maritime-ers know that it rarely gets warm enough to pull off a shorts, tank top, sandal combo.... so lets make use of our sassy summer wardrobes starting this Spring!

I don't know about the rest of you readers out there, but i'm addicted to fashion blogs. Especially ones from all over the world. When i'm stuck in a rut, can't find anything to wear, tear my closet apart in search of that perfect outfit and still can't find it.... I plop myself on the couch and search, chictopica and a few fave blogs for some inspiration. One thing they all have in common is that shorts are running rampant. And have been all year.

The key to shorts is pairing them with TIGHTS ladies! mix and match, day or night, cute or sexy, boots or heels... whatever you gotta do to feel comfortable! This is another great way to extend that boot usage! I plan on wearing my lighter boots in the summer, with fun dresses and shorts!

Here's a look I love! So classic and chic! Easy to do too!Check out this blogger here!

and this is me!wearing all things current in store!
Noa Noa Black Jacket, Noa Noa printed tank, IT Jeans Cuffed Shorts, Tights and Boots!

What are your thoughts ladies? Let me know!

it's time!

...for some new, inspired, exciting, dramatic, intense, enjoyable, fashionable, interesting blog posts! whoo hoo! It's about time, eh?

now, it is my goal to make sure i update this regularly... because as busy as this crazy store makes me, i can, and will, always find time to make sure my customers get updates on important things! like new lines, insight into the fashionable future, and the latest trends. because without my fabulous customers, and great following, and amazing supporters, i wouldn't be having as much fun as i am!

so enough babble... on with the fashion!!