Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Hot Pants of 2012

Coloured denim is one of the hottest trends this season. The bolder the brights and softer the pastels the better! These pants are out to make statement, so break out of the blue jean habit and jump into a pair of coloured pants. This trend is sure to follow us right into the fall as well, with rich colours and jewel tones dominating the lower half. I’ve complied a few tips and tricks to make this trend easier to pull off and embrace!  

The easiest and most flawless way to wear coloured denim is to pair it with neutrals. Try a chambray shirt, or a silk white blouse over your pastel cropped jeans. Throw on a pair of wedges in a brown; add a belt and some fun jewels and you’re good to go. Blacks, browns and whites are easy with any pastel coloured pants. They’ll make your pants pop without being too bold. Watch out for pumpkin or bumblebee syndrome when wearing bold colours with black. Avoid pairing black with orange and yellow, and shoot for a brown or cream instead. Bold pants can lead to simple elegance with a pair of ballet flats and a crisp white button down. 

Colour blocking your bright pants is another great way to embrace the trend this season. Colour blocking is the art of pairing solid coloured, bright pieces together. It can be bold and attention grabbing with coloured pants but it’s the trend to master this season. The key is to find a theme, whether it be brights or pastels. Once you decide which way to go, embrace it and run with it. If you’ve got a royal blue jean, try a fuchsia top with turquoise accessories and if you’re really daring try a coloured shoe too! One of my favourite colour combinations is turquoise and coral. So rich and summery, it’s the perfect combination for this season
Pulling off one colour head to toe can be tricky and intimidating, but it’s been done! To do it well, make sure all of the shades you plan on wearing are identical! A pale pink top and a hot pink pair of pants will not make a statement. However, a hot pink top and pants can make a serious fashion statement. 

Another option to pair with your pants is to try a print! Leopard print looks great against a bold red. Nautical stripes look great with turquoise or pastel purple. Polka dots are really popular this season so try using this against pastel or bright pants. 

If you’re embracing the coloured pant trend, try a pattered pair! There are floral pants on the market right now that are the perfect summer in New Brunswick addition to your closet. Keep the accessories and pairings neutral with a patterned pant. Let the patterned pants do the talking! They’re fun for a Saturday filled with market shopping or great for a night out with the girls, and they’re sure to get you noticed!

*This article was printed in KV Style on June 22, 2012 and written by Kiera.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Love your Summer whites!

The flowers are in full bloom, the grass is long and luscious and summer wardrobes are in full swing around Southern New Brunswick. One of the most coveted and popular looks each and every summer is the beautiful, crisp, clean look of white. From dresses, to blazers to jeans, white makes an appearance each and every summer and is guaranteed to make an impact. 

Women often fear white… for numerous reasons. Whether it is because you’re a mom with sticky 5 year old hands at your side all summer long, or a busy woman who often forgets she’s got a full coffee in her hand while running to catch the elevator, white can be tough. The key is to keep them white by investing in great fabrics, key pieces, proper undergarments and a great stain remover. White can be a bit high maintenance to wear, but the payoff is great and sure to turn heads all summer long.

White instantly turns skin, fair or bronzed, into radiant and healthy looking. Admittedly a white dress looks fabulous on sun braised skin, but those who don’t worship vitamin D on a regular basis shouldn’t be afraid. The key is to pair white properly with other colours to avoid the washed out look. Try a white pant with a bright blouse to keep some colour close to your face. If you’re planning on wearing a white dress to the upcoming family reunion, be sure to watch your accessories. Try adding bright coloured jewelry, like turquoise or coral. Avoid wearing white shoes and a white bag and instead try metallic and browns to bring out the white without being too matching.

When shopping for whites, be sure to notice fabrics and their transparency. A good white dress should always be lined for protection against very sunny afternoons. Check to make sure the white pants are thick enough to hide undergarment lines. Look for heavier fabrics that hang on their own without clinging too tightly to the body. Fabrics like cotton stand a better chance at fighting against ketchup stains and can be bleached if needed. 

Be sure to have the proper undergarments on hand when wearing white. White will often show up under a white dress. Your best bet is to find skin toned undergarments with soft seams to make sure you’re not showing more than you anticipated. You may need to bring the garment with you when lingerie shopping to make sure the coverage is there. 

If dresses and jeans are too daunting, try a white blazer. It’s a clean and effortless look over a nice blue denim jean. Pair with a jewel tone or a pastel coloured top and you’re all set! A white bag can be crisp and be just the piece to bring an outfit together. Just be sure to watch it around dark denim and pens!

Depending on what colour white is paired with, different looks can be achieved. Black and white is a classic staple that is rich, professional and always in style. White and neon colours (like yellow or hot pink) can be bold and certainly make a statement. White and brown is casual and refined. White and pastel colours can be soft, calming and easy to wear. Try all different tops with your white jeans, and don’t be afraid to throw a coloured cardigan atop of your white dress! 

Remember that white is the summer’s go-to neutral colour, so embrace it and don’t forget your stain remover! 

This article, written by me! (Kiera Fraser), appeared in KV Style on June 8, 2012.