Thursday, April 30, 2009

a quick little update- before I forget AGAIN!

A bigger, BETTER, more exciting and super savings Grand Opening is coming soon!!

Don't worry, I'll keep you readers in the loop!! 

Have a very happy thursday!

Glam Julz is here! In our little tiny town!


Make sure to pop in to Prest Boutique this afternoon to say hi to our wonderful, fabulous, lovely, stylish jewelry designer- Monica Graves with Glam Julz!!

Check out her site to get what all the HYPE is about!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Let's talk a little about why Prest Boutique loves boyfriend jeans...

Every girl is entitled to their favorite shape/style/cut/color of denim. And I'm sure that every woman who reads this blog has a pair of skinny, straight, boot cut, flares and destroyed jeans in their closet. However, my new favorite thing, that I really can't get enough of are these boyfriend jeans! So versatile, so comfy, so sexy but breathable at the same time... All the celebs have them on, so I decided to give them a shot- first by heading over to darling little Value Village and buying a pair of guy jeans for 3 bucks and destroying them myself... wouldn't wear them out in public as they do nothing for me, but can we just give a little hallelujah for freedom? Then, after deciding that my skinny jeans are more like denim leggings, I invested in a pair of Paige Premium Denim's "Jimmy Jimmy" Rebel wash (found conveniently at Prest Boutique), and don't have a single regret. I would live in them if I could... and wear them any chance I get!!

As far as how and what to wear them with, here's what I've discovered:
  • wear them with high heels- pointy toed give off a tres sexy look while wedges are subtly and cute (make sure to roll them up a bit to show off your killer legs!!)
  • wear them with a cute pair of flats/sandals and play up the relaxed look with a tank top and great belt.
  • Add feminine touches- cute jewelry, a girly shirt, pink nail polish... you get the idea.
  • wear them low on your hips, not boxer baring like your guy does, but keep 'em low and show it off with an awesome belt.
  • no running shoes or old navy flip flops- you risk being mistaken for your boyfriend.
  • no over sized sweat shirts or tops- you'll loose that sexy shape!
  • the key is to keep it classy, not overly comfortable, you'll look like a bum and people will start throwing change your way.

Currently in the store I have a couple types of boyfriend jeans-

And the Paige Premium Denim pair:

More coming soon too! Divine Rights of Denim (a great line of jeans launched by Audrina Patridge from the Hills!) has a great pair of light boyfriend's coming to the boutique in May!

Some great tips and tricks to boyfriends:

Will YOU be sportin' the boyfriend look this summer??

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A bit about my favorite SJ blogs...

Hi Everyone!

I've had such a wonderful two weeks (ALREADY!). Time seriously flies when you're having a ball and doing something you love.

I'm finally settling into a routine and getting excited about summer buying, which means more dresses :)

Just wanted to mention a few great blogs from shoppers and friends alike who wrote amazing posts about my store:
  • Consumer SJ:
  • Uptown Girl SJ:

Thanks ladies, your thoughts and great comments are much appreciated!

In addition, I wanted to mention Bean Books, which opens at 122 Germain Street on Saturday (April 18). Stop by and say hello to Sarah! I can't wait to call it my new favorite book store! :)
follow her entrepreneurial adventures at:

Have a fabulous Wednesday!

Oh and P.S.- grand opening dates have been officially announced: April 30- May 2. Keep checking back for updates.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Arrivals.... Orb!


I just got a HUGE shipment in of Orb... which is a super awesome line based out of Vancouver (which is becoming quite the fashionable place if I do say so myself!). It's young, and hip, and a great price point too. Very 'Bench' like, minus the labels all over them!! Great coats and sweatshirts too. OH and the purses are totally fab, very unique and GREAT colors :)

Great colors: Corals, blues, purples, yellows... very Summer-ish! It's coming. I promise. Even though it IS snowing out on April 11 :)

Have a super Easter weekend!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We really pulled it off... Opening Day!!

Opening day was SO much fun and much much more than I expected... we were exhausted though! Mom and I finished up the store last night at 1:30am and it looks spectacular. I really didn't think we were going to be able to pull it off, but we did!

Yesterday is a total blur... woke up early... ran around a ton for last minute stuff... went to the store to finish odds and ends, hang and finish tagging clothes, merchandise all the clothes around the store... watch the Sign installers hang the sign... make the window display... washing the windows... taking out the garbage... wait for the countertop... making alternative arrangements for the lack of countertop...washing the floors... I still can't believe we got that all done in a day! But needless to say, we were exhausted when we left. And this morning too.

The day went super well. Lots of well wishes from all and overall it was very well received by Saint John. I hope the buzz is good outside the store as well :) People recognized and loved Paige Premium Denim (yesss!), the Canadian designers went over well like Guido and Mary and Lily + Jae, so did my Hunter boots that came in last minute... we're off to a great start! Hope you enjoy the pictures- they're a little off color (I was in a rush to take them and the camera's not great!!)

Thanks so much to EVERYONE who helped and complimented and made it perfect :) I'm just pleased as punch....

I am soooo looking forward to tomorrow, but more importantly, I'm looking forward to a good night sleep tonight!

OH! and PS- the verdict is NO harem pants... I'm getting the impression that no one likes them but me. You'll see though, they're cool...