Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My first buying trip and the start of something beautiful...

I've been meaning to start this for a few weeks now, and as I procrastinate it, I get more and more ideas to post!

So just a quick update tonight- got home late last night from visiting Toronto on Monday, and Montreal on Tuesday for a buying trip. It was the first real experience I've had in the buying world, and oh my goodness, this is FUN! It was like an enormous shopping spree! And I'm so convinced that things are going to turn out amazing after seeing the lines in person. Monday was NUTS. Mom (the experienced one!) and I woke up at the crack of dawn on Monday and visited five different agencies and saw tons of lines... I booked a lot of Spring merchandise, to open the store with, and also pre-booked Fall already. Hard to believe that the fashion world is already for next Fall when we're still digging ourselves out of this crazy snow here in NB... ugh! Spring is around the corner though, which means so is opening date :)

One line that I'm so thrilled to carry and I really think you're going to love is Noa Noa. It's straight from Denmark and there are only a few places in Canada that carry it, including me :) Check out I just got my first box delivered to the house from them and it's aaaamazing stuff! Can't wait to show it to you...

Another post soon- about the progress on the store (some pictures too)!

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  1. I love NOA NOA! there is 1 store in Portland that carries it and goodness, i love it! your store sounds amazing!!