Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hammer- I mean Harem- Pants

I just want to settle a little fashion debacle in Spring O9's trends... Harem or Hammer pants are COOL folks... I fully intend on getting my hands on a pair... they're everywhere! and just look so deliciously comfortable, I really can't see how you could go wrong. Come on ladies, it's a cross between men's pants (ya know, roomier) and leggings... why stop it if they feel so right?!?!

This idea just sparked in my head as I was watching MC Hammer bust a move with Ellen DeGeneres. I saw harem pants all over Spain last winter, and all over Scandinavia this past Summer... I'm just giving everyone a heads-up, they're coming, and they're awesome. I've seen them on every body shape. They're almost like a modern day gaucho- wear them dressed up, or down. Both are cute and comfortable.

I don't have any lined up in the store yet (haven't found much out there YET!) but my eyes are open. Maybe I'll get some feedback on them before I stock 30 pairs in 12 different colors ;)

Here's a few site's that back me up on this debate:
(see number 3)

Anyways- the store's really coming together :) I can't wait to show it to you!!

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