Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mannequins, painted ceilings and harwood flooring... oh and clothes!

Just a quick update with the store-

Whew, so things are STILL crazy and getting crazier. BUT the good news is: the store is lookin' pretty dannnng sweet if I do say so myself. I'm down to a good size list of things to get accomplished before opening, but it's no longer overwhelming which is a slight relief.

So the floors are officially done, now its the trim, the countertop and a few odds and ends. And last minute we decided to have the ceiling painted, so that's another big project. The contractor and all of his workers should be out by the end of the week/early next week! Then it's cleaning, and more cleaning and a mad dash to get everything in, arranged and perfect.

OH! and the logo's all done, oh it's so good! Dawn at INK Graphic Design has done such a fabulous job, I'm lovin' everything she comes up with! Here's a peek at my logo:

Cool, huh?

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