Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The not-so-secret obsessions of a store owner

My customers, friends and employees often wonder where I get my inspiration for what to into buy for the store, what to wear, and how to style all the pretty girls that come to us! Well my darlings, lots of research and time spent behind my silly silver laptop (that I'm sure you've caught me on more than once huddled up near the fireplace in the store!).

I'm a busy little bee reading every fashion blog I can get my hands on, checking out all the online mags and researching the online lookbooks for upcoming seasons from the lines I carry, and hope to carry! Another terrible part of my job involves a lot of online 'shopping' on a whole bunch of trendy cool websites. Tragic, really, that I have to spend my days doing something so terrible, eh?

My laptop is nearly as important to me as my never-more-than-2'-away from me black(crack)berry. They're my life lines to the big, bold fashion world that I love and live in :)

Here's a snap shot that's usual for me on my laptop!

facebook, email, blog spot, twitter, my fave blogs, an article for KV Style, simply accounting, and of course, music to rock out to!

Oh here's another fun little fact:
my desktop pic- my dream car, just to keep my sights high! (an audi s6 in blue just in case you're wondering what i'd love for christmas!!!)
and my blackberry background- my sweet pup covered in xmas lights!
What can't you live without?

Happy holidays my lovely followers!
Hope your holiday shopping is going seamlessly!
(if all else fails, follow my cardinal christmas shopping rule: 1 gift for me, 2 for others...)

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