Friday, December 3, 2010

A funny little story...

So the store's name, as you can imagine, has some controversy around it.

Anyone who speaks the french language typically has something to say about the spelling of 'prest'...

Yesterday, Joy and I had a fun little experience for the first time ever.

An elderly gentleman, decked out in nice slacks, a newsboy cap and fancy orthopedic shoes walked into the store, bee-lined straight for me, yelling "THERE MUST BE A FRASER IN HERE". You got that right sir, my last name is Fraser. The Fraser family name (which dates back a few hundred years) has a motto, and it's 'je suis prest'... which means I am ready. Prest is the ancient spelling of the modern day, pret. So in the midst of showing him the explanation on my business card, and him telling the whole history of Frasers in his family, in walks another older man. Two men of any age in this store at the same time is a rare occurrence. This place is drenched in estrogen.

He seeks Joy out, and proceeds to yell (why do old men yell?! *make note: must tell future husband not to yell when he surpasses 80*) "YOU SPELLED PRET WRONG!" in a very thick Acadian accent. Poor Joy, she didn't know what hit her. After politely informing him why in the world we spelled pret wrong, and never meant to offend him personally.... the men met each other.

Well. They duked it out in the store for a bit, then proceed to fight it out outside of the store for a half an hour (still yelling, mind you).

Who would of thought my little store would a) attract men over 80 (whoo hoo!) and b) cause a debate of epic proportions of a Scot vs. an Acadian.

*sigh*... and that my darling fashion friends, is the trials and tribulations of a store owner!

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  1. First, that is hilarious.
    Second, thank you for clearing up your spelling...I always kinda wondered about that :)