Thursday, August 13, 2009

What's in a name?

So I get this question quite frequently as you can imagine... where the heck does 'Je Suis Prest' come from?

Well.... let me tell you!
It's a family business, as you've guessed. With three girls, none of which will carry on that Fraser name! So this is my small attempt at keeping our family name alive :)

Our last name, Fraser, is super Scottish. Each Scottish name has a clan associated with it, also: a few tartans, bird, crest and of course the motto! So the Fraser motto is Je Suis Prest, obviously! Which translates to 'I am ready'. You may be asking of course, why I spell it with an 's'. Because, back a million years ago, that's how they spelt the modern day 'pret'.

I think it's an awesome motto to live by, always being ready for anything is important! Being ready in an awesome outfit is pretty important too! Bring it on baby, I'm ready and look great too ;)

So now you know, and tell all your friends that I didn't spell it wrong and I'm not losing my mind! (Well maybe I am...)

Here's our crest, to prove I'm in fact NOT making things up :)

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  1. Nice explanation. As a French person (Mrs SudsMuffin here) the "s" bugs me a bit, but I'll get over it. LOL